How to increase milk production in cattle

“Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are.”

-Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin



What we eat has a direct influence on our health, wellbeing and performance. This definitely applies for every living being on earth!
If you look for higher cattle performance, top quality and enhanced productivity, you are looking for Orkel compactors when it comes to conserving forage better.


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Exposing forage to oxygen leads to losses of energy and protein contents (Research documented by independent sources). It is not wise to invest so much time and efforts in producing the best forage if you don't conserve it properly.

The “Domino Effect” after exposure to air (oxygen), starts the progression of aerobic spoilage of your forage. Take a look at this:

Orkel Domino Effect

Our customers focus on animal health and quality and so do we. By baling the forage with the Orkel compactor, you remove the oxygen and all the nutrients are kept within te bale. This leads to several benefits and increased profitability.

We can summarize the benefits in short, medium and long-term:

  • Short-term
    By compacting your forage you will notice immediately that you have more flexibility! You can harvest at the optimal time of plant growth, avoiding ruining the product, resulting in a product of excellent quality.
  • Medium-term
    Improvement in milk quality and more milk produced per cow. When the cows eat better, this has an immediate effect on milk the production. Better digestibility also translates into wellbeing for your animals. Better forage conservation means more energy and protein. Your cattle will produce more milk with less use of forage.
  • Long-term
    Significant improvement of your cattle's health, resulting in higher performance (even improved fertility), reduction of health problems and lower veterinary costs.

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