Orkel Precision: efficcient operations and precision farming

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  • know your forage quality
  • feed optimally
  • gain higher animal yield



 What is Orkel Precision?

Orkel Precision is a complete system for collecting, analysing and utilizing information about the forage and the baling operations. 


FeedIQ 1

An integrated NIR-sensor in the Orkel Dens-X Compactor saves information about DM (%), starch, crude protein, ADF, NDF, ash, crude fat and digestibility/energy (coming).


FeedIQ 2

The data is registered and stored in the Orkel cloud via internet. In addition to forage quality, the bale weight and baling location is also saved.


Les dette før du går videre til YouTube

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BaleID: An RFID sticker is automatically applied to the bale during wrapping. This patent pending solution lets you trace and retrieve information about the specific bale, using a regular smart phone. See the video above.


FeedIQ 3 The Orkel cloud can now be read by your phone - your bales and their data is at your fingertips!



FeedIQ 4

Your bale is now tagged and you have full control of bale weight, forage quality and location. You may of course print your overview on paper or share it via social media! By touching the bale with your smartphone, you may read all specifications of the bale. The farmer and the advisor may have exact information for optimal feeding.



FeedIQ 5

The farmer is capable to feed his cows in the most optimal way, being sure his profit becomes as expected. That is Orkel Precision.


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